Why Your Facility Needs a Visitor Management System: 7 Solid Reasons


Do you know who is coming and going to your facility? Do you have tight controls to protect the people who belong there as well as your property (physical and intellectual)? An effective visitor management system is comprised of ID cards that contain all essential data for the cardholder, including a quality photograph. The ID or access control card determines where the individual is allowed—more specifically, it limits those places that must be protected from unauthorized access. With an organized visitor management system, every visitor is presented with an ID card, which is either encoded or visually marked (e.g., color-coded) to indicate access levels.

At J. O’Brien, we have invested more than 30 years in protecting people and places with secure identification and access control. We’ve seen how our culture has changed. So, to answer the question, of why should you implement a visitor management system, we have seven solid reasons.

  1. Accurately record the identification, date, and time of all visitors. Your visitor management system tracks the entry and exit of every visitor. The information is digitally recorded and maintained in your database, so you can access the information at any time—and in real-time.
  2. Reduce bottlenecks. A busy lobby can be anything from an inconvenience to a security risk. A visitor management system keeps an organized flow, where your receptionist or security staff can effectively monitor the movement of visitors without slowing down the traffic.
  3. Improve guest service. Treat your visitors like the guests they are. The visitor management system frees up your staff’s time at the front desk, so they can greet and guide your visitors.
  4. Enhance your first impression. Your brand appearance begins with the greeting when a visitor arrives. A professional, organized system—including a high-quality visitor pass—reflects positively on your company.
  5. Expedite emergency response. In the event of an emergency, you can rely on real-time information to identify and locate every person logged into your visitor management system.
  6. Discourage unauthorized access. The presence of a visitor management system is a deterrent to people who are considering slipping past your security.
  7. Maintain records for compliance and insurance purposes. Businesses and organizations that must comply with regulatory issues, like OSHA, use a professional visitor management system to provide accurate records. Your digital records can also refute unsubstantiated insurance claims. Imagine someone asserting they slipped in the building, when you can prove by your visitor log that the person was never recorded as entering.

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