Visitor Management: 3 Reasons to Print Your Badges in Color

Black and white photos are great for art, but when it comes to identification, the lack of color in your visitor badges could be a deterrent. Here are 3 reasons to print your visitor badges in color.

1. Prohibit unauthorized duplication.

A color inkjet printer, like the Epson ColorWorks C3500, produces a visitor badge in full color, with durable ink that resists smudges, scratches, and fading. You can incorporate more detail into your visitor badges—like color coding and your company logo—as well as provide more detail in the photograph. The more color features and clarity you incorporate into your ID badges, the more difficult it is for someone to replicate them.

2. Enhance your brand image 

Your visitor is wearing a badge that reflects your company. A full-color, quality printed ID badge showcases your pride and professionalism, as well as your commitment to security. Don’t let your visitors wear a symbol that is blurred, scratched, and plain. Think about what that says about your business. The SwiftColor SCC4000D oversized credential printer produces exceptional color and clarity, on labels up to 3.5” x 5.5” in just two seconds. When you want to make a big statement, produce a big badge, in brilliant color.

3. No pre-printing is required

If you print labels in black and white, you probably keep a supply of badges that are pre-printed with your company information and perhaps identifiers, like “Visitor”. A color inkjet printer eliminates the need to purchase and maintain this inventory. You purchase one label for all of your badges and simply imprint on demand with the format and information you need. You save money by reducing your label inventory and eliminating the waste of keeping excess badge supplies.

Invest in the quality and security of your visitor management system so that it provides the effectiveness you should expect. Talk to us about your ID systems and we can guide you to the most effective, efficient, and affordable solution.

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