Upgrade Your Security with HID Global's iCLASS Seos Smart Cards

To increase the security of your ID badges, step up the quality of the credentials themselves. HID Global’s iCLASS® Seos™ smart cards elevate the IQ of secure credentials.


The Seos card features AES-128 encryption and best-in-class mutual authentication—an enterprise-grade system that is more secure than most credential technology. As part of the iCLASS SE platform, the high-frequency Seos smart cards provide the right combination of strong protection, flexibility, and ease of management:

  • The first enterprise-ready card that secures access to both your facility and technology.
  • Deter card cloning that occurs with proximity cards.
  • Provide one-time password (OTP) authentication for logging into the network.
  • Secure messaging protocol protects data during transmission from the card to the reader.
  • Store data for one or more Secure Identity Objects (SIO) for each application, with independent firewall protection.
  • Issue mobile credentials to a user’s smartphone.
  • Customizable with the choice of form factors—allow mobile devices to open parking gates, use wearables to access restricted areas, and enable smartcards to unlock PCs.
  • Add additional functions, like cashless vending.

Proximity cards don’t provide security at an enterprise level. Protect your people, facility, assets, and network with smarter credentials. J. O’Brien is solely focused on identity and access control technology, so we have the expertise to customize your smart credentials process. Talk to us about the secure solution that HID Global’s iCLASS Seos smart cards deliver. 

Still using standard proximity cards? You can be at risk of card cloning.

Not sure which access card technology you have? Check out our blog on the history of HID access card technology.


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