Visitor management systems offer numerous branding opportunities. As you move forward with deploying your visitor management system, it is important to consider the ways you can brand your visitor management assets. 


Over the years, visitor management software has evolved from pens and paper to a fully customizable and automated system. A professional visitor management software and processing procedure offer more than enhanced security in your lobby; visitor management systems also offer branding opportunities. Keep in mind, it’s important to share the decision-making process with key stakeholders responsible for maintaining your company’s brand. This will ensure you’re maximizing the visitor management branding opportunities. Read below for the following branding opportunities.

1) Pre-registration emails

Many visitor management systems include features to pre-register your guest before they arrive. In advanced systems, you can put the responsibility on the employee (host) to register the visitor. This occurs through an online pre-registration portal. An email address is required for the visitor, and then a pre-registration confirmation email is sent out to the guest before they arrive on-site.

  • Branding Benefit: The pre-registration email “wows” your scheduled visitors with a professional invitation to engage with your company. You can customize the email with your brand’s colors, logo, mottos, etc. This is a great opportunity to include a map of the facility, parking instructions, or in some cases, a non-disclosure agreement. 

2) Visitor Badges

Visitor Badge

It is a best practice to make sure visitors are easily identified among employees. This maintains security standards and allows for your guards to quickly recognize who is a visitor. To easily identify a visitor, print a badge that includes pieces of your visitors’ identity. This can include first name, last name, time of entry, valid-through date/time, picture, barcode for visitor checkout/tracking, etc.

  • Branding Benefit: Most solutions allow you to include your company logo and color scheme. A static logo can be used on every badge. This is done via your visitor management software’s template design tool. Or, you can have badges customized before you print on them. Either way, visitor badges are a great way to differentiate yourself from your brand image.

3) Self-Registration Kiosks

Self Registration Kiosk for Visitor Mangament

Self-registration kiosks are an all-in-one computers, tablets, or public workstations. First, the visitor checks themselves in. Then, a notification is sent to the host prompting them to meet their visitor in the lobby. This is a cost-effective approach to visitor management. The kiosk saves on the payroll for would-be operators, or it can supplement a busy lobby by allowing an alternative check-in process.

  • Branding Benefit: In most visitor management systems that offer a kiosk solution, the check-in screens can be customized with your logo and brand colors.

4) Visitor Badge Backs

Badge Back with words

The most basic and cost efficient solution for visitor badges is an adhesive badge. However, there is a con; the likelihood of the badge falling off your visitor is high. This can be a problem for identifying which visitor belongs in your building.

The alternative solution is to apply the adhesive badge to a reusable badge back. A reusable badge back is slightly more expensive, but you can be assured your visitors will remain identified.

  • Branding Benefit: A visitor badge back is constructed from a variety of materials and can be designed to your liking. Also, there is valuable printing space on the back of the badge back. Safety messages or visitor policies are great content to place on the backside of the badge back. 

5) Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are an effective way to show off your company logo and quickly identify a visitor. With hundreds of varieties, custom lanyards create an open canvas for silkscreen or dye-sublimation customization.

  • Branding Benefit: Your logo and motto can be elegantly displayed to every visitor. You can also use lanyards to further segregate visitors’. One color or style can be used to identify a standard visitor, while another can be used for temporary employees/contractors, etc. The options are nearly endless.

6) Customized Badge Reels/Retractors & Strap Clips

Custom Badge Reel

A subtle alternative to the lanyard option is a badge reel that displays a custom decal/dome. A badge reel allows for an increased range of motion. This is convenient when a visitor is issued an access card. The badge reel will retract so the visitor can present their access card to a reader smoothly.

  • Branding Benefit: Badge reels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. On the badge reel, there is a dome section that can be customized with your logo.

Not sure which branding asset you would like to use? Click the link below and we will send you a free sample pack. 


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