J. O'Brien Promise: We Make Custom Easy

Manufacturing Value Prop.pngIn-House Production Plant For All Your Needs.

J. O’Brien is one of the only security solution companies to offer an in-house production plant.

  • Heat sealing capacity
  • Light assembly and decorating of custom products
  • Our own line of manufactured J. O’Brien products

Why our in-house production plant will benefit you:

  • Customization of products: J. O’Brien can tailor each product to your exact specifications. We have an in-house art department that will work with you on your company logo while our in-house production plant will customize your logo onto any product
  • Quality Assurance: Every item produced in our manufacturing plant is individually inspected to the highest quality standards before shipment
  • Full Line of American Made Products Offered
  • Custom Packaging: We package products how you want it and in quantities tailored to your security application

For 19 years, it has been my goal to assemble and customize your product accurately.
- Lourdes, Production Manager






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