Tap/Twist & Go vs. Wearable Mobile Access

The evolution of mobile devices and the speed at which it occurs is affecting the entire business landscape. This includes the secure deployment and management of access control credentials for buildings and other applications. The convenience of mobile access is transforming the daily experience of employees and issuers. From a simple gesture to a tap, from a phone to a watch, the options are vast for mobile access solutions.


What is the difference?

Tap/Twist & Go

HID Mobile Access® offers a patented gesture technology that allows door and gate access with a short-range “Tap” or from a distance using “Twist and Go” activation upon approaching an iCLASS SE® or multiCLASS SE® mobile-enabled reader. Depending upon the desired application or end-user experience, a tap or twist gesture allows for door and systems access, enhancing the transactional experience by merging security with convenience.


Wearables are a class of smart device that can be worn on the wrist, strung on a necklace, clipped onto clothing or carried on a key ring. Wearables function in much the same way as a hand-held mobile device with the added convenience of not having to remove or carry the device — it can be read while worn, making access control even faster and easier. Smart watches and personal biometric devices are the most common wearables in use today, but the extended use of wearables for enterprise access solutions continues to expand.

Wearables present the unique capacity to offer a truly synchronous user experience.


Both Bluetooth technology and NFC (Near Field Communications) offer connectivity options for Tap/Twist & Go devices and Wearables depending on your needs.

Bluetooth Smart
(Bluetooth Low Energy-BLE)

  • The next generation Bluetooth technology offers markedly lower energy consumption
  • The ability for long read range at a distance up to 10 meters or more
  • The device can be presented in any manner

Near Field Communications (NFC)

  • Must be positioned properly
  • Shorter read range of a few centimeters
  • The preferred platform for payments
Mobile Access Phone Unlocks Door with

HID Mobile Access® offers a patented gesture technology that allows door and gate access with a twist of the handset.

Mobile Access Wearable Watch

Wearables offer the convenience of not having to remove or carry a device — making mobile access control faster and easier.

Secure, Connected Access Control for doors, parking, IT, and more

HID® Mobile Access Control can be used to unlock doors, open parking gates, access IT, computers and more!

For more information on options for personal mobile access, visit our HID Mobile Access GuideLet J. O’Brien guide your transition to mobile access and beyond. Our expert knowledge, trained staff, and reliable service make us the clear choice to be a security solutions partner. Request a Free Consultation today!

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