FARGO® ID Card Printers - DTC Series Explained

FARGO® Direct-to-Card (DTC) Printers 

HID Global provides the broadest portfolio of trusted, fully interoperable and secure printing and encoding solutions today. HID® Global FARGO® Direct-to-Card (DTC®) printers are easy-to-use, reliable, and more affordable than ever, and are a versatile and cost-effective ID card printer solution.


DTC Printer Models - A Comparison


(VALUE) The DTC50 is an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable choice for your ID card printing needs. Designed for corporations, schools and events to print full-color employee ID, loyalty or membership cards, this low-maintenance printer is optimal for small-space needs. Designed to be virtually plug-and-play, the DTC50 can go from the box to printing full-color, personalized cards in a matter of minutes. The all-in-one printer ribbon and card cleaning cartridge simplifies the ribbon loading process, and built-in Swift ID® badge application allows you to create ID badges in seconds without having to install any additional software.


(STANDARD) Fast, convenient, affordable, the DTC1250e is a high-quality printer ideal for small-to-medium businesses or transportation card needs. It provides maximum efficiency in a sleek, user-friendly design that is virtually maintenance-free and prints full-color, plastic ID cards on a budget. Built-in Swift ID™ badging application enables you to create ID badges in seconds without having to install any additional software. The DTC1250e gives you edge-to-edge printing in full-color or simple black and white and lets you choose from easy (EZ), all-in-one print ribbon and card cleaner or economical and eco-friendly (ECO) refill ribbons.

Fargo® ID card printers provide the broadest portfolio of trusted, fully interoperable and secure printing and encoding solutions today.


(PROFESSIONAL SELECT) The DTC1500 offers the convenience and lower cost of high-capacity consumables along with a comprehensive feature set and innovative, easy-to-implement security elements. Designed for government ID projects, national ID and driver’s licenses, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and small-to-medium corporations, the DTC1500 prints high-quality credentials without a higher price tag. Innovative printing features produce darker, well-defined text and barcodes making the DTC1500 an economical, yet high-volume-capable ID card printing solution for cost-conscious organizations. Added security options such as a custom watermark overlay and a resin scramble data protection feature that can hide information printed with a resin panel provide organizations with a cost-effective way to significantly increase card security. Learn more about the how to setup your new FARGO® DTC1500 in this video.

HID Fargo DC1250e ID Card Printer

Affordable photo ID card personalization along with the trusted quality of HID Global.

HID Fargo ID Card Printers DTC Printing ID Cards

Choose optional upgrades to meet your current and future ID card needs — with maximum security and added durability.

FARGO® DTC5500LMX is the New Model of Efficiency

The DTC5500LMX is the New Model of Efficiency — iON™ technology, encode multiple technologies inline, wasteless lamination, and more!


(PROFESSIONAL) The sleek design of the DTC4250E features a changeable footprint to accommodate a variety of office environments. Designed for government ID projects, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, retail and loyalty cards, and small-to-medium corporations, the DTC4250e is ideal for flexible, easy and reliable color printing and encoding of technology cards. The DTC4250E also has a SmartScreen graphical display with easy-to-follow prompts enabling users to easily monitor printer status as well as an eco-friendly erase and rewrite feature that is ideal for creating temporary ID cards. Check out our DTC4250e product demonstration video.


(PROFESSIONAL) The DTC4500E is a high-volume ID card printer that delivers speed, power and versatility. Its efficiency is unmatched due to its high-capacity ribbons which enable more cards to be printed and dual-input card hoppers that allow for maximum card input capacity and management of multiple card types. This ID card printer model is often used by larger corporations, driver’s license bureaus and government agencies. The DTC4500E gives you flexibility with compatible modules that can easily be added on to facilitate options such as dual-sided printing, lamination and technology card encoding. In addition, a cost-effective solution for increased security is built in with password-protected printer operation and fluorescent panel printing. Get a closer look at the DTC4500e in this video.


(PROFESSIONAL SELECT) The DTC 5500LMX is the ultimate all-in-one card printer/laminator/encoder with standard dual-sided printing and dual-input card hopper and is considered the new model of efficiency. Innovative technology sets this printer apart including iON™ or “Instant On” rapid lamination heat-up (45 seconds or less!) which means little to no wait time for cards to begin printing. This ID card printer model is suited for large corporations, driver’s license bureaus, government/military, healthcare facilities, universities and casinos. In addition, the DTC5500LMX is the first HID Global card printer utilizing wasteless lamination technology. This leads to zero lamination waste produced along with reduced consumables cost because no carrier film or take up-spool is required. For more on the DTC5500LMX watch our product demonstration video.

The DTC Series of Printers Are a Smart Solution

HID® Global’s FARGO® ID card printers offer a wide range of secure issuance products including everything from plug-and-play, entry-level printers to the industry’s most sophisticated printing and encoding solutions. Organizations can achieve the highest levels of identity security by utilizing these products. FARGO DTC printer systems are used worldwide, and HID Global’s FARGO® solutions are fully interoperable with other products within the HID network, thus providing you with the flexibility and versatility to create unique, secure smart cards for a variety of uses and industries. The DTC series of ID card printers are a simple, reliable, and affordable choice. Check out our FARGO® DTC ID Card Printer comparison chart.

To find out more about HID FARGO ID Card Printers, visit our FARGO ID Card Printer Buying Guide, or ask the experts at J. O’Brien by requesting a free consultation today.

Fargo® DTC Printers Supply Secure Credentials Across Multiple Markets.

Suitable for Multiple Industries:

  • Universities and education - Student IDs, parking permits, Campus Smart Cards, Faculty ID Badges
  • Government agencies - National IDs, Law Enforcement IDs, Firearms Permits, Military IDs, Residency Cards
  • Healthcare facilities - Medical Staff IDs
  • Corporations - Employee and Contractor ID badges, Temporary IDs for Seasonal Workers
  • Transportation - Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC)
  • Retail - Membership IDs, Customer Loyalty Cards
  • Manufacturing plants - Employee IDs
  • Events - Speaker IDs, Exhibitor Passes, Event passes
DTC Printers - ID Cards for all Industries

Fargo DTC Card Printers provide secure ID badge solutions for industries across the board.

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