FARGO® ID Card Printers – HDP Series Explained

High-Definition Printers (HDP Series) 

ID card printers do more than protect your organization — they reflect the value you place on your brand. FARGO® brings you its HDP series; high-definition printing with vibrant colors, crisp text and images, all wrapped in a durable and secure card. The design and security options plus versatility that accompany HDP printers make them an excellent ID card printing solution.   


HDP Printer Models


(PROFESSIONAL) The HDP5000 produces ID cards with a high resolution (300 dpi) image quality. Printing a reverse image on the underside of HDP film then fusing the film to the card surface results in an up-to-the-edge, super sharp “glossy photo” image without the higher price tag. The HDP5000 produces high definition images cost-effectively, especially when using new half-panel ribbons, making it an ideal solution for a broad range of organizations and one of the most affordably priced reverse transfer printers on the market today. It’s also the most efficient; simple operation requires only minimal training, and supplies such as ID cards, ribbons, and overlaminates load in a snap via the cartridge-based system. The flexible architecture of this versatile printer grows with your needs. It lets you expand or reduce production instantly, with add-on dual-sided printing, encoding and lamination modules, as well as an optional dual card input hopper for multiple card types and higher card volumes.

FARGO® HDP printers produce highly secure contact and contactless smart cards that address your organization’s specific security needs.


(PROFESSIONAL SELECT) The HDP5600 delivers on the promise of ultimate image quality (up to 600 dpi) and printer reliability at an affordable price point. It presents the broadest options for keeping cost-per-card at a minimum such as lower cost ribbons, dual input hopper, and high durable HDP film. Brilliant colors and sharper images, plus high-quality, 600 dpi resin printing capabilities give you the ability to precisely print small text and crisply defined barcodes. The HDP5600 produces tamper-evident, forgery-resistant, durable ID cards with the highest image and text quality available, making it an ideal choice for a broad range of organizations. Check out our personal review of the HDP5600.


(PROFESSIONAL SELECT) The HDP6600 combines innovative, never-seen-before features with unprecedented print speeds — making it the most advanced, efficient and fastest desktop-based retransfer printer available on the market today. The HDP6600 features patent-pending iON or “instant on” technology rapidly heats the transfer roller and optional laminator allowing the unit to reach optimal operating temperature in just seconds, expediting the entire retransfer printing and lamination processes. Efficient and reliable, this model can print fast—up to 230 high-definition cards per hour—and is designed to meet the high-volume needs of medium-to-large corporations, universities, healthcare facilities, government agencies and service bureaus. And, the HDP6600 is eco-friendly and has been GreenCircle® Certified for its energy conservation attributes and wasteless lamination technology.


(INDUSTRIAL) This series, the FARGO Industrial Series, consists of the HDP8500 printer/encoder, the HDP8500 lamination module, and the (optional) HDP8500LE laser engraver. The HDP8500 Industrial Series Personalization System allows the seamless integration of ID card printing, encoding, laminating and laser engraving into one machine, empowering card-issuing organizations to efficiently, reliably and securely produce multi-layered, secure credentials in a single pass through the system. The HDP8500LE is recognized by the government-to-citizen ID market for its superior tamper-evident personalization and its interoperability with the HDP8500 printer/encoder and lamination modules making it ideal for card issuance programs that bear an elevated risk of forgery or identity misrepresentation; tamper proof, highly durable personalization, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. High definition printing, durable lamination, and maximized yield and capacity make this series especially suited for the heavy-duty usage of large healthcare and government ID card programs as well as demanding university and large enterprise environments. Check out this video demonstration of the HDP8500.

Suitable for Multiple Industries, Including:

  • Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Corporations
  • Loyalty/membership card programs
Fargo HDP ID Card Printers - Software Accessories Cards

Quality, versatility, durability, security — achieve all this and more with FARGO HDP ID Card Printers.

Fargo HDP ID Card Printers - Retransfer

Print quality is at its highest using HDP's retransfer print method — precise images and text are printed onto high-definition film that reaches to the very edge of the card instead of leaving a white edge (when printing occurs directly on the card).

Fargo HDP ID Card Printers - Layers of Security

Using multiple layers of security — such as a holographic overlaminate — will make your ID cards extremely counterfeit-resistant.

Fargo HDP8500LE ID Card Printer with Laser Engraving

With the HDP8500LE - Unique identifying data or images are engraved into the card body itself for tamper proof, highly durable personalization, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Attempts to alter engraved information will result in obvious card damage.

The Many Advantages of HDP ID Card Printers from Fargo

FARGO HDP ID card printers give you versatility, security, and durability. With features like add-on dual-sided printing, and encoding and lamination modules, these flexibly architected systems let you expand or reduce production instantly. HID FARGO HDP card printers also include a built-in Workbench™ diagnostic utility and Color Assist tool to help your organization better match spot colors on company logos and service marks. Built-in security is simple with encoding options, holographic films and overlaminates, and tamper-evident cards. Achieve edge-to-edge, high quality printing every time with FARGO HDP. View our HDP Printer Family Comparison Chart.

To find out more about HID FARGO ID Card Printers, visit our FARGO ID Card Printer Buying Guide, or ask the experts at J. O’Brien by requesting a free consultation today.

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