Manage HID Mobile Access IDs and Maintain Data Security

It’s Never Been Easier to Manage Mobile IDs

Experience mobile access at its best. HID® Global’s intuitive HID Mobile Access™ Portal and App enable organizations to manage mobile users with ease and confidence. Powered by our award-winning Seos® technology, HID Mobile Access provides superior identity management and delivers the most dynamic mobile solution available today. Control is literally at your fingertips.


Provisioning Mobile IDs

Using the HID Mobile Access App and Portal

The HID Mobile Access Portal features a user-friendly interface that allows for simple enrollment for end-users through HID’s intuitive App, unique transactions to ensure privacy, and easily managed access rights by an administrator at any time. In addition, the centralized, cloud-based management portal supports the entire lifecycle of the Mobile ID. The portal allows for secure over-the-air management and automatic configuration of mobile identities, as well as batch upload of multiple user profiles and batch notification features. Plus, managing physical badges is no longer an issue.

In the HID® Mobile Access Portal, access rights are managed by an administrator, and each transaction is unique to ensure privacy.

Simply add a user’s name and email address into the portal. This initiates the process to send an invitation email to the employee with instructions on how to install the App. When the App is installed and configured, the correct mobile identity is provisioned to the mobile device and the security administrator is notified when the process is complete. From there, how you manage Mobile IDs is dependent upon different factors: scope (physical access only or a unified access solution); users and roles; security levels; number of locations; and number of devices per user that need to be supported.

Security Considerations:

  • Encryption - Mobile IDs as well as communication between the access control center, management portal, mobile devices, and readers need to be protected and therefore must be encrypted.
  • Sandbox - Applications that manage Mobile IDs should run in a dedicated sandbox, ensuring no unauthorized apps can access or modify data. 
  • Access Rights - If a provisioned device is lost, stolen or compromised, access rights for the Mobile ID should be easy to revoke. If a device is found or replaced, it should be just as simple to provision again. 
  • Authentication - It is important to ensure your cloud-based management application is properly protected. A multi-layered authentication approach is highly recommended.
Mobile Access Management Portal and Wearable Watch with Reader

Connected mobile devices introduce new possibilities to manage mobile identities in near real time.

Mobile Access HID Global SIS Portal

The HID Portal makes managing users and mobile IDs easier than ever.

Mobile Access - Revoke Mobile ID

The HID Global SIS Portal is a web interface that enables secure management of users, endpoints, mobile devices, credentials and mobile IDs.

Maintaining Data Sensitivity

It is important for over-the-air transmission of Mobile IDs to be supported by an appropriate security infrastructure in order to create, issue, and revoke lost or stolen credentials. Means to monitor and modify security parameters for mobile access solutions can be implemented in the management portal. Employing multi-layered authentication protocols is imperative to protect transmission of sensitive data to both the access control system and the mobile device and to ensure security and privacy in communication.

To learn more about managing Mobile IDs, visit our HID® Mobile Access guide or request a free consultation today!

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