How to Deploy HID Mobile Access

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HID Global’s intuitive HID Mobile Access® Portal and App enable organizations to efficiently deploy and manage mobile users with confidence. Powered by our award-winning Seos® technology, HID Mobile Access provides superior identity management and delivers the most dynamic mobile solution available today. When choosing to deploy mobile access, it is important to review which mobile-related technologies will allow your organization to create the ideal access experience for your employees.


Things to Consider Before Implementing Access Control

When implementing mobile access control, there is more to consider than just mobile devices. Reader selection, transaction security, and mobile app integration are also part of access control systems. Deploying mobile access control requires a seamless, end-to-end system consisting of smart devices, Mobile IDs, readers, locks and services. Before choosing and deploying your access control solution, the following aspects should be considered:

HID® Mobile Access Portal features a user-friendly interface for administrators and simple enrollment for end-users through our intuitive App.

Creating a Secure Mobile Access Environment

Quality mobile access control solutions handle secure identity through multilayered authentication, ensuring the identity is real and validating that the identity data is coming from a trusted source.

Management of Mobile IDs

Mobile IDs should be created and managed by a centralized management platform. Transmission of sensitive identity data to both the access control system and the mobile device should ensure security and privacy in communication.

Multi-Layered Authentication for Physical and Logical Access Control

In contrast to form factors driven by low frequency legacy technologies, smart devices can increase overall security through multi-layered authentication.

Choosing Readers and Locks

Readers and locks must support the mobile access control solution you choose. Additionally, if stricter privacy and protection features are required, your choice of mobile access solution will need to support such cases.

Deployment Simplified

Simply add a user’s name and email to initiate the process that will send an invitation email to the employee with instructions on how to install the HID App. When the App is installed and configured, the correct mobile identity will be provisioned to the mobile device, and the security administrator is notified when the process is complete. For larger organizations, it is possible to mass upload user data from a file. The mobile identity platform validates the data and, for each user, goes through the process of sending an invitation email, issuing an appropriate mobile identity, and notifying the security administrator when a user has installed the App and has been provisioned a key.

How to Deploy Mobile Access

  • Employee receives invitation email
  • Employee installs HID App
  • Employee opens app and enters security code
  • Mobile identity is securely provisioned through the portal to the employee’s mobile device
  • And go! Employee now has mobile access
HID Mobile Access App Enrollment

Download the HID Mobile Access App from the App Store and Google Play.

Mobile Access — Mobile ID Management

Utilizing the Management Portal, a security administrator securely provisions HID Mobile IDs.

Mobile Access — Mobile ID Transferred to Device

A mobile ID is transferred securely into the mobile device over the air. Then the mobile device communicates with an iCLASS SE® Reader to unlock door.

User Experience

The Mobile Access Experience must be Streamlined, Intuitive, and Above All, Convenient

User experience should be a key focus for organizations that are implementing a mobile access control solution. How a new solution will affect users in their daily routines is critical to consider because that will determine acceptance, and ultimately, success. In order to gain favor, a new mobile access control solution must provide a strong first impression and an exceptional user experience. Let HID Mobile Access be your trusted source for an innovative and user-friendly mobile access solution.

For more information about deploying mobile access, visit our HID® Mobile Access Guide. J. O’Brien is your trusted source for mobile access and beyond — REQUEST FREE CONSULTATION.

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