Custom Parking Permits and Hang-Tags for Effective Parking Control

Protecting who is using your parking lot is the first step in access control for your facility. You can increase the effectiveness of your parking permit system by putting more into the permits themselves. Rather than fit your parking needs into an existing, off-the-shelf product, turn it around. J. O’Brien offers fully customized parking permits and hangtags that conform to your specific challenges.

The right choice will help you prevent violations of your parking rules so that you have spaces available for those who have paid for the privilege. Our parking permit solutions enable you to use custom parking hangtags or permits that allow your staff to easily identify who is authorized to park in specified areas.

Use color for quick identification.

Designate color-coded symbols or tags for different levels of access, like specific lots or spaces—with a preprinted color on static cling, adhesive permit, or hangtag. We offer a wide variety of custom imprinting options to give you the look, quality, and durability you should expect.

Prevent counterfeits.

Avoid unauthorized duplication of your valuable parking permits by using security measures. A hologram is difficult to replicate. Choosing a unique shape for your pass—like an octagon—will present a challenge for someone trying to create a knock-off. J. O’Brien can also print your adhesive-backed parking permit with your logo or another image in full color. Not only does this type of pass easily identify authorized parking lot users, but the quality of the image reinforces the professionalism of your brand.

Track your passes.

Sequentially numbered passes make it easy to trace a pass to the person and vehicle it was issued. If someone hands off a pass to a different vehicle, your attendant can easily check the database to verify the vehicle.

Be distinctive…

  1. O’Brien’s custom parking hangtags start with a wide range of sizes, so you can take your pick, from slightly visible to very conspicuous. With a variety of standard colors of durable plastic, you can easily manage your parking spaces and lots according to the color of the hangtag, making it even easier for attendants to tell at a glance when an authorized vehicle is in the lot—and, particularly, when a violator is there as well!

…and affordable!

A custom parking permit doesn’t have to come with a high price. We’ll help you find the best choice to fit your parking control needs and budget.

J. O’Brien is a specialist in visitor management and identification. This expertise doesn’t begin and end at the front desk. We’re committed to seeking the best solutions for managing every aspect of your facilities. Contact us to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your parking lot management and protect this valuable asset!


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