Introducing the B•REEL™ Twist Free Badge Reel


All New Patented B•REEL™ Twist Free Badge Reel

The B•REEL™ keeps your ID badge or card visible at all times thanks to the all-new twist-free badge reel. The B•REEL uses PATENTED twist-free technology to ensure that your badge or card is always facing front. It eliminates swiveling to keep badges facing out for more secure identification – especially in healthcare, government, or any venue where secure identity is essential. It ends the frustration that can result from badges getting twisted or tangled.



  • The B•REEL™ has a 28" cord that retracts from the front of the reel, reducing friction on the cord, and making it more durable.
  • The B•REEL is available with two popular clip options: The swivel belt clip and a swivel clip with teeth for those in active settings who require a more secure attachment.
  • The B•REEL badge reel stands out visually. It comes in a variety of vibrant, attention-getting colors, including watermelon, purple, metallic blue, metallic gray, and white.
  • B•REEL has a printing surface 2 1/2 times larger than our economy badge reels!
  • The B•REEL™ can be attached to clothing, bags, and more for easy access.




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