Visitor Management & Security Tips: Avoid these Mistakes

Deploying a visitor management system is an extensive and expensive process. It is critical to understand what to avoid when deploying your visitor management system to ensure a successful deployment. 

You Don't Know Your Security Standards

Trying to choose software and hardware components without knowing what information you need to collect (or you don’t want to collect) can be extremely difficult. It is important to put in some time to determine what information is important to your business, school, hospital, research facility, etc. Each type of workplace most likely will require different security standards to be in place when developing a visitor management protocol.

Tips to Avoid Pitfalls:

  • Develop a list of standards that your company will need to implement.
    Creating a list of standards will allow your company to understand what information you need to collect from the visitor, what procedures you would like your employees to abide by when the visitor arrives, and what protocols are in place when an unwanted visitor arrives. 
  • Choose a solution that encrypts, or even limits what personal information is stored to limit privacy liability.
    Advances in license scanning technology will cut down on the manual entry of information and reduce input errors due to operator errors. This may offer convenience, but on the flip side create liability in the collection of personal information.
  • Choose a software program that offers a third-party screening service to add an extra layer of security.
    For example: Having your visitor program check a potential guest against the National Sex Offender Registry would be extremely helpful in securing a K-12 school.

Whether you are implementing a digital visitor management system for the first time or improving on what you currently have, know your security standards and the program options you would like to implement. 

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