Is Mobile Access Secure? Exploring HID's Seos Technology

What is Seos®?

Seos is an HID Global technology with modern and well-established security features that have been widely adopted and powers HID Mobile Access and HID Global’s iCLASS SE platform. It was developed as a common standard that establishes privacy and trust in the communication of secure identity data on physical cards, smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Seos in the form of Mobile Access enables a smart device to become a trusted credential, replacing mechanical keys and access cards, to open doors in homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, universities, and industrial and commercial buildings. Additionally, HID Mobile Access applications encompass solutions for a broad and growing range of use cases, including PC login and authentication to IT systems, secure print job collection, automated vending, building access, elevator access, parking access, as well as time and attendance management.

It’s more important than ever to protect sensitive data. HID Mobile Access delivers the highest level of security and privacy protection available.


Why Go Mobile?

The nature of a mobile device creates a higher level of security for physical access control. For example, if an employee loses their physical card it can be used by anyone. The loss of a mobile device is normally noticed and reported very quickly, and until it is reported, the passcode protects the Mobile ID. Through the HID Secure Identity Services Portal, the administrator can easily revoke and disable the Mobile ID in the Access Control System. This process is much more secure and timely than tracking down a lost or stolen physical access card.

HID Mobile Access® is the secure, smart solution.

HID Mobile Access powered by Seos® credential technology, has introduced a new era of convenience and functionality to access control. It is a methodology for managing secure identities on mobile devices for physical access control. The HID Mobile Access solution is tailored for security professionals seeking higher levels of secure user convenience to protect doors, gates, parking facilities, networks and physical assets while having the confidence that identity data is secure, and privacy is protected using the same standards followed by the U.S. government to encrypt classified data.


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