Revamping Healthcare System ID Badging: A Case Study by J. O'Brien

The transition to a more secure, functional process

As a provider of modern security solutions, it is J. O’Brien’s goal to educate and collaborate with clients to solve their security needs utilizing more than thirty years of experience in access control consulting, credential management, card printing, and technical service. Since 1999, J. O’Brien has served as the preferred security supply vendor for a not-for-profit private healthcare company that operates six acute care hospitals and serves 4.9 million patients across eleven counties in healthcare facilities in northern New Jersey. With an extremely large network of employees and an outdated badging process, it was time for an upgrade. The team at J. O’Brien formulated a plan to simplify and unify the entire ID badging system that would replace outdated technology and allow for better, faster, more efficient badging.

As is often the case when current technology becomes obsolete or when there are mergers or major internal organizational changes, ID badging systems must evolve yet simplify. With six hospitals plus additional facilities, a  centralized and unified ID badging system needed to be implemented. J. O’Brien evaluated the current ID card issuance process to identify exactly what the health system’s needs were, learned how users interact with and access the system, and offered solutions to simplify the process.

With J. O’Brien’s assistance, the NJ healthcare network was able to deploy their upgraded badging system across all facilities.

First on the agenda was an updated badge design. All employee photos across the entire system had to be replaced, so J. O’Brien provided the equipment and direction as to how to accomplish this task. The next step was to ensure the proper software and equipment were in place to support the integration of the new badging system to reach the ultimate goal of deployment and ongoing issuance. The health system’s current process was utilizing technology that not only was to be discontinued in the coming year but also would not function with the new card design. Therefore, J. O’Brien proposed a plan to streamline the onboarding process and collection of employee data for a more efficient and seamless card production process that they could manage on their own. The updated ID badging system would allow the healthcare system to manage access control, time, and attendance, as well as provide “tap and go” points of contact and secure print release. They implemented Asure ID software to capture photos, print IDs, encode the magnetic stripe, and allow access rights to be provisioned directly via access control. Asure ID provides additional capabilities including batch printing by searchable fields, shared settings across physical locations, as well as custom formatting and dynamic fields including barcodes and more.

The organization further enhanced its new process and quality of IDs by upgrading to a reverse transfer printer from its older DTC model, providing them with edge-to-edge printing and encoding capabilities. The high-definition printing enabled certain aspects of card design specific to healthcare settings to be implemented such as dual-sided printing so credentials are always visible as well as color-specific coding to indicate an individual’s specialty or department (e.g. physician, nurse, or non-clinical staff).

When it came time to determine whether the healthcare system wanted to take on the actual production of the entire organization’s ID cards in-house or allow J. O’Brien to assist, the answer was obvious. The smart choice was to let the experts at J. O’Brien complete the rebranded ID cards utilizing their Identity on Demand service. The cards along with the updated database were returned for import and distribution, saving the healthcare system time, money, and labor.

Why Choose to Let J. O’Brien Handle Production and Deployment?

  • Save equipment from extreme wear and tear
  • Save labor costs associated with employees’ time spent completing in-house production
  • Skip the hassle of trying to determine the amount of supplies needed to print the entire card population
  • More efficient use of time and resources
  • Expert completion of data transfer and database update

J. O'Brien Helps NJ Health System Rework, Re-Badge, and Re-Brand

J. O’Brien has been a security supply vendor for a NJ-based healthcare network for 10+ years. A team of Marketing, Security, and IT staff approached J. O’Brien to assist in a corporation wide re-branding of their employee identification cards — a huge undertaking, but one that J. O’Brien was more than capable of handling with experience and expertise. 


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