Tips for How to Make the Transition to a Mobile Access System

Using a mobile device to gain access to different buildings is not only about solving a particular problem; it is also about doing things better by embracing technological advances that change how we access doors, locks, systems, and manage IDs using mobile devices. In the era of mobility and cloud computing, enterprises and individuals are increasingly concerned about the security and protection of their physical environment. Correctly implemented, mobile access offers a solution which can increase both security and convenience.


The Implementation Services Team Works with You and Your Integrator to Successfully Design, Deploy, and Train You on Your New Mobile Access Solution

Whenever a new type of solution is implemented, it is crucial to carefully consider the impact it will have on users and their daily routines. The mobile access experience must be streamlined, intuitive, and above all, convenient; therefore, successful implementation and integration of a dynamic access control solution can require a highly specialized level of support.

J. O’Brien HID Global Professional Services™ provides support to integrate mobile into access control systems.

Providing unmatched subject matter expertise on the breadth of HID solutions, our implementation consultants help ensure that you derive maximum performance and value from your investment in the shortest time possible. HID Professional Services™ provides additional support for organizations who prefer assistance to incorporate mobile into their access control systems and offers a depth of expertise, end-to-end project management and technical knowledge to help reduce risk and accelerate value for your business. Services range from strategic consultations and solution design to implementation and training – conducted by certified consultants, leveraging best practices in mobile access deployment. We will work with you from concept to design to implementation in order to provide you with the best mobile access control solution for your needs.

Mobile Access Integrating Tips Customer Support

J. O'Brien is your is your trusted resource for HID mobile access support.

Services conducted by certified consultants, leveraging best practices in mobile access deployment include:

  • Strategic Consultation - We work with you to determine the needs and goals of your mobile access solution.
  • Solution Design - We will collect data during the requirements and gap analysis phases to be used for the design of the overall solution.
  • Solution Build - With the help of your tech savvy team or a third party integrator/installer, your customized solution is built per the solution design and tested against agreed requirements.
  • Implementation - We will ensure a successful integration of your new mobile access control solution into your access control architecture including installation and configuration assistance.
  • Training - Our professionals will guide you from initial setup to deployment and best practices.
  • Support - We are here to help! Support can be found online in our Mobile Access Document Library as well as via phone with our Help Desk.

To find out more about integrating HID® Mobile Access, visit our HID Mobile Access Guide or request a free consultation today!

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