Adding Function and Security to ID Cards with HID FARGO Printers

Adding Function and Security to ID Cards with HID Global® FARGO® Printers

Now you can easily make your organization’s ID cards more functional as well as more secure — with your ID card printer! FARGO printers from HID Global allow you to personalize and encode ID cards with the same device, during the same issuance process. Create, encode, and manage your smart cards from start to finish, plus add visual security elements to make forgery or tampering nearly impossible.


Types of Visual Security Elements for ID Cards

Security encoding is one way to add to the function and security of ID cards. Utilizing the technology behind OMNIKEY® embedded encoders, cards can be encoded with unique company or employee information and programmed to work with a variety of physical access control systems like building access, payment, as well as other third party applications. There are different types of security encodings including barcode, magnetic stripe, smart card, RFID, and proximity cards. You can also add elements to enhance the visual security of your cards.

One of the options offered on the DTC5500LMX, DTC4500e, DTC1500, and all HDP models of FARGO ID card printers is a holographic overlaminate, in which a laminator module is utilized to apply a custom, holographic overlay providing an additional layer of security against forgery. Holographic or fluorescent (UV) overlaminates provide a cost-effective, dynamic means of increasing card security and durability. 

FARGO® visual security elements allow you to print ID cards uniquely tailored to meet the security requirements of your organization.

A second option for added security is a watermark, which is achieved by choosing a FARGO ID card printer model such as the DTC1500 that can add a watermark by customizing the overlay that is used to seal in the image of your card design. This is a cost-effective way to significantly increase card security without additional investments.

A third visual security alternative, included in FARGO model HDP8500LE, is a laser engraver which can be installed into a printer to carve unique, unalterable text, visual security elements and other images into card surfaces. This laser-engraved tactile surface relief provides evidence of authenticity at the touch of a finger and makes it easy for your staff to validate an ID as legitimate. Contact your trusted J. O'Brien FARGO® Certified Dealer for more information about the HDP8500LE.

Why Add Visual Security Elements to ID Cards?

  • Security — Protects ID cards with tamper-resistant visual elements and decreases the ability of others to counterfeit your cards
  • Functionality — Print cards that serve as both ID and access — smart, secure and virtually impossible to replicate
  • Presentation — Custom graphics and images in a foil or holographic print or specialty ink creates a unique and highly secure ID card resistant to counterfeiting or tampering
  • Durability — Overlaminates make cards more resistant to everyday wear and tear
  • Cost-effective — Add personalized visual security with minimum cost with options like holographic foil cards
  • Because it’s Smart!
FARGO® ID Card Printers - Holographic Overlaminate

A holographic overlaminate lets you add a graphics-rich design layer to your card that substantially improves card security and durability.

FARGO® ID Card Printers - Secure Holographic Overlays

Custom Overlaminates come in SECURE (ideal for smaller corporations, local government, and educational applications) - and - HIGH SECURE (ideal for government, transportation, and high-level corporate applications) options.

Fargo HDP8500LE ID Card Printer with Laser Engraving

With the HDP8500LE - Unique identifying data or images are engraved into the card body itself for tamper proof, highly durable personalization, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Attempts to alter engraved information will result in obvious card damage.

J. O'Brien is a FARGO® Professional Select Certified Dealer

To explore more information about security encoding and visual security elements like holographic overlaminates, watermarks, and laser engraving options available on HID® FARGO ID card printers, visit FARGO ID Card Printer Buying Guide or Request a free consultation today!

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