Fargo HDP5600: Reliable and High-Resolution ID Card Printer Solution

Reliable, high-resolution card printing solution

The quality of your ID cards contributes to their effectiveness. Crisp, clear cards are harder to duplicate, and easier to verify, and the presentation positively impacts your brand. Choosing the right card printer puts you on the path to easy operation, professional-looking cards, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Proven Technology

The Fargo HDP5600 ID card printer reflects Fargo’s fifth generation of retransfer printing and is part of the Professional Select Series

With years of improvements, HID Global's Fargo HDP5600 printer/encoder delivers high-resolution printing with 600 dpi clarity that produces precise reproduction with even the smallest fonts, characters, symbols, and details. The Fargo HDP5600 uses retransfer print technology, which fuses the image to your card, rather than direct-to-card printing technology that prints onto the surface. With retransfer card printing, you get an image that resists abrasion. In fact, HDP film is three times more durable than standard retransfer film, which extends the card’s life and saves you the cost of additional lamination—which adds up to savings on a laminator and additional supplies, as much as 45%!

Flexible Functionality and Card Coverage

Choose from multiple encoding options—magnetic card and smart card (contact and contactless). You can also add Wi-Fi capability for wireless printing, and a holographic film and over-laminate to increase security,

The Fargo HDP5600 printer/encoder prints edge to edge, even on rough surfaces, like smart cards. This printer can print right to the edge of the smart chip contact. As another bonus, the printhead doesn’t come in contact with the card surface, so this sensitive and expensive component will not be damaged during the print process. However, the printhead carries a lifetime warranty, too.

Superior Security and Print Volume

As a security measure, the enhanced level of print quality makes it easier to detect tampering or counterfeits. The sharp clarity of 600 dpi resolution, for one, must be matched. In addition, the proof is evident if someone has tried to peel back a layer on the card in order to alter it.

For high-volume card printing, you can count on the Fargo HDP5600 to keep up with demand. At 600 dpi, the printer outputs up to 150 cards per hour.

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