Review of Fargo's DTC5500LMX ID Card Printer: The Best in Class


Direct-to-Card (DTC) printers have transformed over the past decade. Along with the advances in manufacturing efficiency and usage of lightweight plastic components, the average cost to purchase a new DTC printer has been significantly reduced. Unfortunately, this trend of cost-cutting affects the quality and lifespan of "commercially acceptable ID printing machines". Fargo’s release of the new DTC5500LMX reverses that trend with the goal of being the best in class.

What are the key features of the DTC5500LMX?

1) Wasteless Lamination
2) Quick System Uptime and Print Speed
3) Dual Hopper
4) Field Upgradable Features
5) Eco-Friendly
6) Rugged, Robust, Durable

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How does the DTC5500LMX compare to the Fargo DTC550LC?

Looking at the DTC5500LMX printer brings on a feeling of nostalgia. The new unit resembles the discontinued but massively popular Fargo DTC550LC. The DTC550LC was the well-known powerhouse of a previous generation. The success of the DTC550LC was mainly attributed to its user-friendly design and fantastic durability. Although a personal favorite, the DTC550LC was not without its flaws. Its lamination module was a source of client frustration due to a prolonged heat-up time and the occasional need for calibration. The DTC5500LMX printer answers these pain points.

What is J. O’Brien’s review of the DTC5500LMX?

J. O’Brien’s technical service manager unboxed our new fully loaded DTC5500LMX with great anticipation. The sheer weight of the unit instantly affirmed we were in for a pleasant surprise. The metal construction gave the machine character, along with the feeling that this printer is built to last.
The DTC5500LMX did not just survive the gauntlet of testing J. O’Brien’s head technician put forth, it passed with flying colors. The DTC5500LMX lives up to the hype in producing high-grade professional identification cards, with industry-leading energy efficiency. The Fargo workhorse provides a user experience that is expedited but easy to understand. The improved lamination design is impressive and provides industry-leading card coverage. Overall, the DTC5500LMX is a reliable, high-volume printer that is cost-effective and great for any business. 

If you would like to learn more, click below to visit the DTC5500LMX Resource Center. 

Visit the DTC5500LMX Resource Center

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