Government ID Solutions from FARGO®

FARGO® ID Card Printers are the Smart Choice for Government Agencies

Government organizations around the world are utilizing the power of card-based identity applications to help simplify operations, improve efficiency, and enhance security. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and protection of sensitive information, a higher quality and more secure ID card is required. This is especially true in the government sector and why HID Global® FARGO® ID card printers are the smart solution.


Secure Credential Issuance

HID Global FARGO ID printers are designed for ease of use, flexible operation and maximum value in every type of Government ID application. They are the industry choice for outstanding performance, versatility, and security for every size and scale from entry level to large-scale national deployment. HID Global’s FARGO printers and encoders offer a wide range of options and visual security elements to serve the needs of government organizations. Delivering high capacity, fast throughput, durable results and reliable performance, FARGO products are easy to use and affordably priced while their modular design adapts easily to changing needs.

FARGO's ID card printers offer a wide range of options and visual security elements to serve the needs of government organizations.

FARGO DTC printers are well-suited to smaller environments, but also to high-volume mid-to-large government organizations where a model like the DTC5500LMX proves to be efficient and affordable. FARGO HDP models offer the highest print quality and are capable of printing advanced biometric technology cards. In particular, the HDP8500 industrial ID card printer and encoder is a superior printer for extended-run, high throughput ID personalization and issuance, especially for large government ID card programs. Global leaders in secure card issuance, HID FARGO provides a broad product line of trusted, fully interoperable, secure government identity solutions.

Government ID Solutions with FARGO's Full Line of Printers

HID FARGO printers provide flexible, affordable, and secure Government ID solutions.

What can HID FARGO® printers do for you?

They can meet all your government ID card needs:

  • Multiple security options - from basic photo ID needs to the highest security credentials 
  • Flexible options - can be customized for any environment
  • High capacity and fast throughput – up to 400-card input capacity
  • Reliable performance – 35+ years of manufacturing excellence along with a 3-year warranty
  • Easy to use –flexible, modular design and adaptable to changing needs 
  • Affordable – priced to give you the maximum benefits while staying on budget

J. O'Brien is a FARGO® Professional Select Certified Dealer

Learn more about Government ID card printing solutions in our  HID® FARGO® ID Card Printer Guide or Request a free consultation today!

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