HID FARGO® ID Card Printer Consumables: A Complete Guide

High-Performance Consumables and Visual Security Solutions

Ensure optimum performance of your HID FARGO DTC and HDP printers with precision-engineered ribbons, films, and overlaminates for secure and professional looking ID cards and badges.


FARGO® ID Card Printer Consumables

Direct-to-Card Printing (DTC):

Ribbons: Custom dye-sublimation and resin ribbons work effortlessly with HID FARGO DTC printers to produce clean, precise and colorful images and text resulting in secure and durable ID cards.

Overlaminates: Increase the life of your ID card as well as its security by applying Thermal Transfer or PolyGuard™ overlaminates. Make it virtually impossible to duplicate your ID cards by adding a holographic design to your overlaminate. And now, with HID Global’s new wasteless PolyGuard LMX for the DTC5500LMX, which utilizes wasteless lamination technology, you can simultaneously lower your consumables cost while increasing the security of your ID cards.

High-Definition Printing (HDP):

HDP Ribbons and HDP Film: High Definition Printing® (HDP) ribbons and (HDP) Film combine to produce durable and tamper resistant cards with crisp 600 dpi or 300 dpi images — even on the surface of technology cards. FARGO’s High Durable HDP Film option offers enhanced abrasion resistance for longer life cards.

Overlaminates: All FARGO HDP printers including the HDP5000, HDP5600 and the HDP8500LE also offer Thermal Transfer or PolyGuard™ overlaminates and optional standard or custom holographic designs. These features make forgery nearly impossible thereby increasing card security along with durability. HDP also utilizes the wasteless lamination technology of PolyGuard LMX for the HDP6600, allowing you to decrease your consumables cost as well as your printing time and carbon footprint.

Whether you have a DTC or HDP printer, HID® FARGO® consumables provide the tools you need to print quality ID cards efficiently.

Visual Security:

HID® FARGO® Consumables Visual Security Solutions® provide effective solutions to combat ID card forgeries.
As the advancement of digital printing technology has made it easier to replicate ID cards, visual security solutions have become more important than ever to ensure unique and secure ID cards. HID Global leads the way with consumables for visual security including Holographic Foil Cards, Holographic Overlaminates, and Holographic HDP® Film that provide a range of options to customize your ID cards allowing for easy authentication, but not duplication. HID FARGO offers visual security solutions from 200 dpi resolution to the most secure 1,200 dpi resolution holographic images with the highest level of detail, which can only be achieved with high secure HDP film. Holographic cards are available for both DTC and HDP printers ranging from quick and affordably priced options to custom-designed foil images layered inside of the card rendering alteration or forgery virtually impossible.


HID® offers a versatile line of non-technology cards including HID® UltraCard®, HID® UltraCard® Premium, and HID® UltraCard® PC. UltraCard, constructed of PVC, makes a great low-cost choice for photo IDs and loyalty cards. UltraCard Premium provides composite construction with optimal resolution print quality for re-transfer printing, lamination and fluorescent panel ribbon printing applications.

The affordable and durable UltraCard Premium is the non-technology card of choice for the Fargo HDP5000 and other Direct-to-Card applications that require a higher quality card. UltraCard PC offers 100% polycarbonate construction with the highest level of durability and card life that is ideal for laser engraving applications. These cards are compatible only with High Definition Printing (HDP®) technology found on the HDP8500LE.

Cleaning Kits & Accessories:

Optimize printer performance with HID printer cleaning kits and accessories that include the necessary supplies to keep your printer at optimum performance. In addition, accessories such as printhead replacement kits include both individual printheads as well as complete printhead assemblies. Visit our HID® Fargo Video and Helpful Tips Library for information about WHY it’s so important to clean your printer — and learn HOW to do so.


Fargo ID Card Printer Overlaminates

Applying an overlaminate to your printed cards greatly improves card durability and longevity.

Fargo ID Card Printer High-Definition DPI

High Definition Printing® (HDP) ribbons and HDP Film combine to produce durable and tamper resistant cards with crisp 600 dpi or 300 dpi images.

Fargo ID Card Printer Consumables Card Layers

Visual security consumables let you combine a range of options that make cards easy to authenticate, but nearly impossible to forge or alter.

Fargo ID Card Printer PVC Card Consumables

Consumables include non-technology cards such as the UltraCard made of a 100% polycarbonate construction that is highly durable and offers a longer expected card life.

HID® FARGO® ID High-Performance Consumables:

  • Ribbons-print colorful images and crisp text
  • Overlaminates-improve card durability, longevity and security
  • HDP Film-create crisp images and enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Visual Security Consumables-produce cards that are nearly impossible to forge
  • Cards-choose the card that meets your image quality and print technology requirements
  • Cleaning Kits-optimize printer performance

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