Datacard Tactile Impressor: Secure ID cards that Make an Impression

maxresdefaultCard security is accomplished in layers. Each layer provides a different security element, like a holographic overlaminate and a printed foil with overt and covert security features. Now, the visual security elements have taken on a new look and feel—literally. The Datacard tactile impressor embosses a design into the card, creating secure cards that truly make an impression!

The tactile impression feature in these printers allows you to emboss a logo, seal, or design in one pass, right into the card, so the substrate is physically altered, not merely imprinted. There’s no extra step involved to gain the value of this new, tactile security feature. It’s an affordable way to elevate the security of the ID cards, making it easy to identify tampering or counterfeits. You don’t need any extra equipment to view the tactile image. Just rub your finger over it to verify the seal.

You can also use the placement of the impression to enhance the ID card security. Position the embossed seal over a photo, for example, and you make it more difficult for the image to be tampered with. If someone tries to remove the impression, the laminate tears.

Datacard offers a wide variety of standard dies but J. O’Brien can also develop a custom die for a company logo, text, or other graphic. Even a photo can be converted for use with the tactile impressor. You can increase security while also enhancing your brand recognition!

The patent pending technology works with Datacard’s inline lamination module, on three of their card printers:

  • Datacard SD460 smart card printer, encoder and laminator —An all-in-one device to produce secure cards, printing and laminating up to 150 dual-sided, full color cards per hour.
  • Datacard CD800—Fast printing at 300 dpi produces sharp, vibrant clarity, perfect for high volume and high quality.
  • Entrust Datacard CR805 retransfer ID card printer—Unsurpassed photo quality at 600 dpi, exceptional card durability, and true edge-to-edge printing.

Your business is facing many security challenges. With the right card printer that includes this unique tactile impressor, you effortlessly heighten your access control and credentials management. Talk to us at J.O’Brien to customize the ID card printing solution that bests fits your needs, provides the scalability to adapt to the future, and meets your budget. We’ve specialized in the ID industry for more than 30 years, so you can count on our knowledge and experience.

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