Discover the Clip Types for Your Badge Reel Retractors



J. O’Brien offers a variety of badge reels with different clips.

First is the slide clip. This is the most popular style – a fixed metal clip that holds snugly to the wearer’s garment. (7888)

Next, we have the swivel clip. This is a sprung clip with a 360-degree swivel. (7871)

Here is the swivel alligator. It’s similar to the swivel clip, except it has a row of teeth to ensure a strong hold on clothing. It is also capable of a 360-degree swivel. (7912)

This is the swivel bulldog. Another sprung clip with full rotation, the bulldog clip is a great choice for a strong hold on more delicate fabrics. (7845)

This piece is a J.O’Brien exclusive. A heavy-duty chrome badge reel with a slide clip and an attached lobster claw. The claw has a full 360-degree spin and easily attaches to belt loops or purse straps. (7941)

Finally, there is the carabiner attachment. Instead of having a clip on the back, this piece has a carabiner clip on top – just like the ones mountain climbers use, though we don’t suggest using this to scale Mt Everest. This piece is also available with a slide clip and carabiner combination. (7920 & 7921)

Every clip style is not available for every reel, but we hope this video helps you decide which clip style is best for your application. If you have any further questions, a J.O’Brien representative is ready to assist.


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