Why J. O’Brien is the Right Choice for your FARGO Printer Purchase

J. O'Brien's Premium Service has you Covered

When you upgrade to J. O'Brien's Premium Service Plan, printer repair issues become a thing of the past. Whether you need equipment or software support, your dedicated J. O’Brien representative will be there to help you find a solution to have you back on track.


Why Go Premium?

Where Value Meets Peace of Mind:

At J. O’Brien, our goal is to fit into your environment as a partner in order to ensure that you have the technology and tools you need, but also the know-how to use them. It doesn’t do to simply sell you products and wish you luck. We know that customers need more from vendors, and that is what sets us apart; we offer not only top-notch technical solutions, but integration and superior support as well.

Our initial response to those seeking support — whether or not they are currently a J. O’Brien customer — is to offer free help over the phone. We will work with you to evaluate your problem and determine what next steps need to be taken. Often this means looking into the state of your warranty, and if possible, offering a quick fix, many of which are free of charge through J. O’Brien. If the problem requires more in-depth support or repair, we offer several options to assist you. If you are not a current client and do not wish to sign up for service with us, we will be happy to initiate contact with your manufacturer’s technical support division for you. If you would like J. O’Brien to handle your issue, we have a standard service option for single instances that you can use as needed and would be charged for upon assistance that falls outside of basic support.

Our most cost-effective service option at J. O’Brien is our premium service plan paid yearly which gives you access to unlimited phone and remote support.

Even if you aren’t a current customer, we welcome you to sign up for all the benefits of Premium Service.

With premium service, you have a dedicated representative who knows your account well and has access to detailed records of your equipment and software which helps us to assist you. When you call in with an issue, we document the problem and generate a case number. Our staff will remote into your system and attempt to troubleshoot the issue as well as facilitate your warranty claim with the proper manufacturer if that is relevant.

If our staff cannot fix the issue remotely and there is a need for repair, we provide two options:

  • LOCAL CLIENTS — (within a 50-mile radius of Springfield, NJ), we offer discounted on-site service rates.
  • NON-LOCAL CLIENTS — we offer Depot Repair services which requires that you send your machine into the J. O’Brien Tech Support department where we can evaluate the issue and propose a solution. In addition, we will provide temporary loaner equipment (based on availability).
FARGO id card printer choose j. o'brien Service Rates

J. O'Brien Service Rates – Standard vs. Premium. Click the image to view larger.

FARGO ID Card Printers - J. O'Brien Support Process

The J. O'Brien Technical Support Process offers help to those with or without our Premium Service. Call our Support Team today! Click the image to view larger.

Fargo ID Card Printer Platinum Partner

J. O'Brien is a FARGO® ID Card Printer Platinum Partner which means we can offer you the highest levels of service and support.

J. O’Brien Premium Support Process:

  • Call in directly to J. O’Brien Technical Support to report issue and receive priority service
  • Problem is documented, warranty status is verified, and case number is generated
  • Unlimited phone and remote support are provided in order to troubleshoot the issue
  • On-site service is offered at discounted rates — if required to fix the problem or instructions are provided to send equipment in for Depot Repair
  • A loaner is provided so operations can continue as usual
  • J. O’Brien has you back up and running  just like that!

A dedicated J. O'Brien representative is waiting to assist you!

To find out more about J. O’Brien’s Premium Service and all of the benefits that you receive with your plan, request a free consultation today!

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