Which Strap Clip is Best for Your ID Badge? A Comprehensive Guide.

Strap clips are perfect for displaying your ID badges in plain view. There are numerous options for strap clips, so how do you know which is best for your needs? Read the post below and find the possible strap clip options.

Economic Strap Clips 

  • Option 1: All Plastic Clip - A heavy-duty molded plastic clip that hooks through the badge slot and clips to clothing
  • Option 2: CARDClip - Features a unique button that slips through the badge slot and always keeps the badge straight
  • Option 3: Economy Vinyl Strap Clip (Non-Plastic) - This option is the most popular strap clip. Features a clear, vinyl strap clip with a snap button
    Alt= economy vinyl strap clip

Long Strap Clips

  • Option 1: Long strap clip - Features a 3-1/2in long vinyl strap clip
    Alt= "Long strap clip"
  • Option 2: Extra-long strap clip - Features a 5-3/4in long vinyl strap clip
    Alt= "extra long strap clip"

Narrow Strap Clips

Narrow strap clips are used specifically for Magstripe Cards.

  • Option 1: Narrow Strap Clip - For swipe readers. Permits swipe of card when regular width strap clips could hang up the reader
    Alt= "narrow strap clip"

Strap Clips With A Larger Snap

  • Option 1:  Deluxe Strap Clip - Larger 7/16” diameter snap stays closed more securely
    Alt= "deluxe strap clip"

Strap Clips That Stay Permanently Closed

  • Option 1: PermaSnap Strap Clip - Prevents lost cards. The PermaSnap cannot be pulled apart once snapped

Color Strap Clips

  • Option 1: Color Strap Clips - Features 6 color options: blue, white, red, black, green, or yellow
    Alt= "Color Vinyl Strap Clip"

Environmentally Friendly Strap Clips

  • Option 1: Eco-Friendly Strap Clip - Clear PVC-DOP Material that can be recycled and does not contain components that will contaminate or pollute the environment

    Alt= "Eco-friendly strap clip"

Strap Clips That Secure Around Your Belt

  • Option 1: Belt Strap - Features a Large 1-1/2” loop that snaps around a belt. The small loop goes through a slotted badge holder or ID card
    Alt= "Belt Strap Clip"

Strap Clips That Secure Around Your Neck

  • Option 1: Neck Chain Adapter - Allows the strap clip to attach to a neck chain
    Alt= "Neck Chain Adapter Strap Clip"

Strap Clips That Attach To A Non-slotted Card

  • Option 1: Card Clamp - Gripper pads eliminate slot punching and securely hold your card to a pull strength of 10 lbs
    Alt= "access-card-clamp"

There are many options for strap clips. What works for you depends on the needs of your organization. If you would like a free sample kit, click below!  

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