The Benefits of HID Mobile Access


Mobile Access is creating a wave of convenience that is sweeping through the world of secure access. Mobile Access from HID Global, allows users to access secure doors, parking, networks and more by using their mobile device rather than a physical card. No more lost cards to replace, no scrambling when you’ve left your card at home. But convenience is just the beginning. Mobile access brings a wealth of benefits for managing secure access.


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With secure ID information in your mobile device you initiate the reduction of the vast plastic card population. Without a physical item to produce and ship, the carbon footprint of your identification program is drastically reduced. Plastic ID cards also typically feature other plastic accessories such as lanyards, badge holders, and clips.

With a mobile form factor, you eliminate the additional cost of accessories while reducing your impact on the environment. Digital credentials provide a sustainable approach to the way you manage access to your facility.   


 Access management

You can manage access from a computer or tablet. Issue and revoke keys instantly from a web enabled location and update individual’s keys with just a few clicks. A big reduction in management steps and a big boost to efficiency. Need to issue temporary access to a contractor?  With mobile access, no problem! With the HID mobile access portal you can issue a 7 day temporary credential which will auto expire, eliminating the hassle of collecting physical temporary badges back. 


Bluetooth Smart

Configurable as close-range Tap, or Twist and Go, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) promotes very low power consumption on any device, while massively extending read range well beyond traditional parameters. This allows more flexible placement of readers to:

  • To avoid extreme climate conditions
  • Installation on the secure side of an entrance
  • Inaccessible areas




While the Seos technology that powers Mobile Access is truly innovative, in theworld of technology there is always a little one-upmanship when it comes to getting the latest and greatest. The ability to impress clients (and friends) with cutting edge technology is a real plus. Being an early adopter confers status as an innovator. Many users consider their smartphone/ tablet to be their technological bag of tricks with virtually unlimited potential and they’re eager to add useful functionality to their arsenal.  


Ease of Issuance, Use, and Revocation

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Instantly issue or revoke a Mobile ID. Mobile IDs can easily be issued to workers remotely – no need for face to face interaction. Users just download the app and their unique ID code. Rather than managing an inventory of physical keys, management is at your fingertips, in an easy to use digital dashboard. When a user, say a contractor, no longer requires access, their ID is simply deactivated – eliminating the cumbersome need to turn in a physical card.

Workers can use a single device to carry multiple mobile IDs, while reducing the number of essential items that must always be carried or worn. And it’s almost never left behind. Mobile access technology converges functionality with a device that never leaves our side.



People lose their mobile phones far less frequently than plastic cards. And Mobile IDs can be further protected by using phone security feature such as a PIN. Lost cards are no longer a problem. And a smartphone is much less likely to be “shared,” or loaned to someone else. Would you lend your smart phone to someone else for the day?


Considering HID Mobile Access at your Organization?

J.O’Brien is an industry leader in secure mobile access. Talk to us about  so you can develop a safer, more secure, and more efficient workplace in the mobile first world.


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