Optimize Your Workplace with Real-Time Location Services and Analytics

If you’re like most businesses, you need to maximize productivity without compromising accuracy, safety, and security. So, how do you do that? Visibility. When you have a real-time view of every asset—from people to places to things—you gain the power to work with more business intelligence and agility. J. O’Brien has a sensible solution for facilities management, including access control and asset management. Optimize your workplace with HID Location Services, an easy-to-use platform—powered by Bluvision—that delivers real-time location services (RLTS) and analytics.

HID Location Services uses Bluetooth beacons in smart cards, mobile apps, and gateways to track movement throughout your building and across multiple facilities. At any time, you can see the activity in real-time.

  • Locate staff and visitors, a critical step during an emergency.
  • Quickly find unoccupied meeting rooms to increase efficiency.
  • Use data to analyze occupancy rates.
  • Track movement in restricted areas.
  • Locate equipment, tools, materials, and other costly assets.
  • Ensure compliance with maximum occupancy rates. 

HID Location Services elevate your visitor management and workplace safety and efficiency systems, using the latest positioning technology. This RLTS solution is comprised of:

  • HID Location Cloud, accessed via a portal-based dashboard, collects the data from the beacons
  • BluFi gateways are AC-powered Wi-Fi units that receive transmissions in a 20- to 50-meter range with accuracy within one meter.
  • Mobile app SDKs for iOS and Android apps that enable phones to work as personal beacons.
  • Personal BLE beacons/credentials, BLE cards available in a variety of form factors

The digital experience is impacting your business. From enabling employees to effectively work remotely to protecting your most valuable assets, the more insight you have, the faster you can make informed decisions. Save time, increase safety, and monitor the use of your space, workforce, and capital investments with proactive reporting.

J. O’Brien is an industry leader in identification and visitor management. Our strong partnership with HID Global allows us to deliver proven, turnkey solutions that are easy to deploy and use. Talk to us about HID Location Services so you can develop a safer, more secure, and more efficient workplace.


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