Maximizing Your Parking System: Tips for Effective Parking Permits

Using a parking system is the best way to keep your parking lots secure. J. O'Brien can create any kind of custom parking pass you need. From size to color and everything in between. The following tips will ensure you are utilizing your parking passes effectively. 

1) Use Logos to Customize Your Permit
- A logo on your parking pass will make it easier to identify people allowed to park in your lots and make it harder to counterfeit a parking pass with a logo. In addition, it's another way to show off your brand.

2) Number Systems
- A numbering system is a great tool to keep track of the people who have parking permits. You can add this information to you database or even sync it with your access control system.

3) Expiration Dates
- Expiration dates keep you in control of who's passes are valid and allowed into your lot. It is best practice to issue new parking permits annually. This will keep people from misusing passes.

4) Color-Code Parking Permits
- Colored parking permits are great when you have specific zone parking in your lot. You can easily identify a person who is in the wrong zone and cite them appropriately.

Parking permit example

Do you need parking passes? J. O'Brien can create custom parking passes for your facility. 

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